Young Olympians

An introduction to Track & Field for ages 6 - 14

Our Young Olympians group is designed to introduce young athletes to the sport of track and field. Athletes practice movement-specific drills, focusing on proper execution to prevent injury and increase overall skill level. Practices include skill-based exercises and game-based fitness. Athletes are not tied to specific events and are instead encouraged to experience a variety of events both at practices and Minor Track Association competitions as they develop their skills.

For more information: Young Olympians Program 2018-2019


Track & Field training for ages 14 - 18 (and select Grade 7s & 8s)

The competitive group begins to focus on a more specific training regimen. Athletes may still be involved in multiple sports (outside of track and field), but their training frequency increases and their competition schedule in Athletics Ontario (AO) and other meets becomes more involved and may require some travel.

For more information: Competitive Program 2018-2019


Intensive Track & Field training for ages 14 - 18

The Elite group requires athletes to make a commitment to the sport of track and field. Participation in other sports is discouraged, because of the intensive development schedule which also includes nutrition, weight, physio, and sports psychology training. Athletes in this group can qualify for meets including Youth Commonwealth and Commonwealth Games, Canada Summer Games, and the World Junior Championships. Athletes may also work on pursuing scholarships.

For more information: Elite Program 2018-2019

Training Only

Track & Field training for ages 6 - 18

Athletes not interested in competing in track meets can attend Young Olympian or Competitive practices.This is an excellent program for competitive athletes from other sports looking for speed and cross training.